Experiencing Travellers Fatigue: Mental Health Update

For the past week or so I’ve felt so tired and unmotivated to go out and explore. I’ve skipped meals instead of bothering to head out and choose food. Or, I’ve eaten at western places that I’m not even a big fan of simply for the ease of a pizza over a tongue tingling curry from a roadside warung. When faced with visiting a tourist attraction, a must see site or even heading back to one of my favourite spots, I’d honestly rather sit in my bed, in my pants, and watch Netflix under the air-con. Even just lying in the sun – one of my favourite pastime – has felt like a lot of effort.

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Is Tourism Damaging Bali?

Even just in that week in Seminyak though, I began noticing that there was a side to Bali that nobody was talking about or Instagramming. Behind the luxury resorts were streets with countless jumbled electricity cables hanging precariously, broken pavement, stray dogs and horrendous traffic. The roads just cannot cope with the levels of tourism…

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