5 Little Changes That Your Skin Will Thank You For



I am a self confessed pampering junkie. If it’s going to make me all glowy, rid me of blackheads and help me to feel more zen and less headless chicken then I am all over it. I make sure that at least once a week I take the time to have a break, run a hot bubbly bath and primp and preen myself with all my favourite beauty products but I’m not so good at all the little things that can make a big difference to the health of your skin as well as your body and mind as a whole, so when Panasonic challenged me to implement some small changes to my routine I accepted!

I’ve been using the Nano-Ionic Facial Steamer and Micro-Foaming Facial Cleansing Brush for a few weeks now because I wanted to make sure I was fully au fait with how to make the most out of them and how best to incorporate them into my routine before sharing them with you. I would bloody love to have the time every single day to indulge in a full on pamper but the reality is that most days my routine consists of a quick cleanse to take my make up off before I flop into bed. Both of the products are designed with ease of use in mind and although they’re amazing as part of a long-winded and luxurious soak, they can also be incorporated daily without adding more than a few minutes to your skin ritual.

It’s so important to shape the changes you make and the routines you follow around YOU and your lifestyle. I’m a real sucker for promising to myself that I’ll make monumental changes to my regimes and then feeling a bit deflated when it turns out to be unrealistic or too time consuming. I appreciate that not everybody is in the position to splash out on a steamer or a cleansing brush – give Santa lots of unsubtle hints! – so I’ve compiled a list of 5 things anyone can do to make their skin feel happier and healthier and generally take care of themselves a little better as winter approaches.





I know this is a really obvious one that you’re probably bored of everyone harping on about, but I know myself that I am so guilty of not drinking enough, or of turning to sugary drinks throughout the day. When I do drink lots of water (3-4L a day) I notice vast improvements in not only my skin but also my diet and my general alertness.


Overnight your skin cells naturally rejuvenate so there really is no need to constantly attack them with scrubs or overly abrasive products. Try and limit exfoliating to once a week and use a gentle exfoliator on your face rather than the harsher scrubs and salts that are better suited to your body.


Double cleansing, especially on make up days, is a dream! It’s only recently that I’ve discovered the joys and my skin is so grateful for it. Try this: fill your sink with warm water and cleanse as you normally would, then run a fresh basin full and cleanse again and see how icky the water still is. All that would’ve been left on your face otherwise! 


One of the things I’m most guilty of is chopping and changing my skin care. The reality is that there are so many amazing products out there and I want to try them all! The pit fall of this is that some work for my skin and some don’t, and the in-continuity often plays havoc. I’ve recently settled on a range of skin care – Liz Earle – that I like, that my skin likes, and that isn’t totally unsustainable for my bank balance and I can already see the difference; my skin tone is more regular and less prone to spontaneous break outs or dry patches.


Even when it doesn’t seem like the sun is anything to worry about (i.e. 98% of the year in the UK…) the harmful UV rays are still there and can still cause damage. It’s as simple as using a moisteriser or a foundation with an SPF in it – future you will be grateful! 




My blackheads are one of my biggest skin complaints because whatever I seem to do, I’m always stuck with a – albeit small – smattering across my chin and in the corners of my nose. Panasonic Beauty’s skin expert Louise Thomas-Minns recommended steaming as a way to open pores, after which some gentle (being the operative word!) extraction can be done.

The Panasonic facial steamer is a really compact little device with a long enough cable for it to be portable, it’s really easy to use and doesn’t take any set up beyond filling the canister with water . I’ve been doing 10 minute steams (enough to get a real sweat on) in the comfort of my bed with an episode of Gilmore Girls in the background. There’s a reason steamy rhymes with dreamy! 

I find the whole process of steaming  relaxing and as a side benefit, it’s really helpful when I’m suffering with a winter cold! After using it for a few weeks I’ve made a few observations. Firstly, I broke out, which was definitely the less enjoyable side of the process but the spots are all located in my problem area – my chin – and have healed quickly which is a pleasant change as although I don’t suffer with blemishes often, when I do they’re usually really stubborn! Since, my skin has cleared up and feels a lot dewier than usual and I’ve found myself wearing less make up as a result, which is definitely a positive change.

I think the only thing that would improve this product is if it was able to operate wirelessly like the cleansing brush. It is designed to sit on a flat surface like a desk or a table but I find this a bit less relaxing and anything I can do from the comfort of my bed, I will! It would also be really lovely if there was the option to use essential oils in the machine to create an aromatherapy style facial.




The cleansing brush is as sleek and as user friendly as the facial steamer, incorporating the same pearly white and rose gold design, only this time it’s wireless which makes sense given that using it involves moving it around your face! There’s a small well in the back of the machine to put your cleanser into – I’ve been using Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish , though as a creamy formula it doesn’t foam as a gel or foaming cleanser would. I really like how fresh my skin feels using it and I don’t feel the need to use an exfoliant as the soft bristles gentle work away dead skin cells alongside make up and general grime.

Although I knew I’d really enjoy the deep clean and fun factor (!) of the brush, I’m really pleasantly surprised by the make up melting feature (which is definitely not the technical term!) The brush has two heat settings and a smooth, flat end that effectively softens even the most stubborn of make up so that there’s no need to scrub or overdo it with the bristles. 



This post was sponsored by Panasonic. All views and imagery are my own.


  1. November 25, 2017 / 4:57 pm

    Your tip about staying loyal to products that work for you is so true! I used to switch up my skincare all the time and try new products, and whilst I still do this there are some key products that I go back to over and over (like my daily moisturiser for example!) I’d love to try a facial steamer one day!

    • Beth Sandland
      December 11, 2017 / 6:32 pm

      Your skin will thank you for the loyalty! The facial steamer is brill, so worth while. X

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