Welcome to my little slice of the internet…

What first began as somewhere to talk openly, have a bit of a moan now and then and lust over my favourite London restaurants quickly transformed into a fully fledged Lifestyle Blog. Given a complete makeover and self-branding in June 2017, BethSandland.co.uk offers everything from the best bits of the capital city, honest beauty and lifestyle product reviews and the latest fashion steals to travel tips and guides and frank chat about mental health.

I am also a freelance photographer and available to book for Blogger, Portrait and Family shoots in and around London. Check out my portfolio and get in touch via my dedicated website.

More on me…

I moved from Oxford to the capital three years ago and began working an (incredibly mundane) receptionist job in the City. Since, I have left the daily grind and instead am studying for a degree in Law & Anthropology at the LSE; now I read lots of words I can’t pronounce and nap a lot. Those loooong days tied to a desk were not to no avail, however, and are where BethSandland.co.uk began to sprout in its earliest form. At times I would be in a constant flurry of switch boards, mail rooms, meetings and fiddly visitor badges, but at others the office was about as lively as a nuclear exclusion zone. I began browsing the internet for things to read that were less depressing than the news, and more exciting than wikipedia (no, really) and I stumbled upon the world of blogging. I owe a lot to those bloggers whose archives I exhausted over the months both in the form of my sanity, and the inspiration behind my own blogging adventures and as such I try to link and recommend my favourites throughout this site and my social media platforms.

I began writing, albeit sporadically, on a very basic site and documenting my musings. I never, ever expected people to actually read what I had to say, but when I began to tackle and talk openly about mental health my words resonated. I really enjoyed writing and at times it provided extreme catharsis, but let’s be honest, I was also a bit of a flake; I was working fifty hours a week, then studying a double major and running a freelance photography business.

Although I am still doing the latter two of those things, I found a renewed love for writing and for sharing my adventures in this fabulous city; I began writing under Happy Little London though made the decision to self brand after around six months. In fact, blogging is a creative outlet that I am not only immensely passionate about, but also incredibly grateful for. Even though it means I get to nap less.

The key to my heart is…

French Bulldogs (I’ve been known to cry when I see them in public), fresh flowers, Richmond Park, brunch, the seaside, skincare products I can’t afford, Gilmore Girls (who’s the daddy?!), long bubble baths until I resemble a prune, hours whiled away with a good book, fresh bed linen, long phone calls, massages, Dishoom, spending hours in card and stationary shops and that feeling when you step off a plane and into a new country.

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