The Dermalogica Face Mapping Experience

Choosing the right products for your skin is no easy feat. The market is saturated with lotions and potions promising the earth; ‘ten years younger!’; ‘blackhead banishing!’; ‘baby-soft skin!’. It’s difficult to know what to believe, and with such an array of price tags to match it’s easy to become confused as to what it is you’re actually paying for.

Jaded by the pretty bottles and floral scents, the last thing I want to do is stand in a department store and contemplate my skin type. So when I was invited to visit a Dermalogica expert for a Face Mapping® skin analysis I jumped at the chance.

Dermalogica recognises that no two faces are the same, and as such they have developed products designed to be prescribed specifically to individual needs. The ‘My Face, My Story’ campaign encourages women (and men!) to celebrate and appreciate their uniqueness, which is a notion I was very happy to support. When I arrived at the London Beauty Clinic I was greeted by Atifa who, after settling me in her beauty room with a cosy blanket and candle, proceeded to ‘map’ my face.

The process involves dividing the face into fourteen different sections; a view far more holistic than seeing the skin as one whole. Atifa pointed out the areas of my face which are dryer and therefore more susceptible to premature wrinkles and explained to me how I needed to adapt my skincare regime in accordance. Given that up until now I’ve done little more than use cleanser, the odd scrub and a bit of moisturiser when I remember, I was resolute to change my habits. 

The experience took minutes and is available in salon locations all around the country, as well as in many department stores. Afterwards, Atifa filled in and gave me a prescription sheet detailing which products she most recommended and how best to use them, even accompanied by an illustration showing where to apply different products on different areas of my face. Whilst that may sound like a bit of a faff to some people, I really do believe that a good skin care routine is something worth investing time, and a bit of money, into.

This week Christmas came early and I received my box of Dermalogica goodies! Find out how I got on with them.

I received these products with compliments from Dermalogica UK via the Preen dot me VIP programme. All views are my own.


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