DIY White Marble Background for Flatlays and Blog Photography


White marble is kind of the holy grail amongst bloggers and flat lay photographers, but let’s be really honest – how many of us are lucky enough to have houses adorned in the real deal? So follow my super easy tutorial and make your own marble surface, with change from a £20!


Firstly, you need to buy a piece of hard board, wood, cardboard, plywood, whatever you can get your hands on really! In terms of size, think about how big you need it to lay your items on,  but also where you’re going to store it! 

I bought this piece of plywood hardboard from Wickes for £9.99 and it’s definitely large enough to be versatile, but I can also store it. They also had cheaper options starting from about a fiver, however I wanted something that wouldn’t warp overtime, and that would be solid enough to lay on top of my bed and hold items as this is where the best natural morning light is in my house! 

Make sure that it has no bumps or dents as you want a smooth surface as possible to allow the adhesive to stick without any air bubbles! 

I then also ordered some White Marble Contact Paper from Amazon for £8.99, and had it delivered the next day with Prime which is great because once I have an idea in my head I am so impatient to get started…You can buy the contact paper here!


1. Lay your piece of hard board onto a flat surface, you could use the floor but I used a coffee table as I found it easier to have a little height and also be able to have the overhang of the contact paper suspended, rather than sticking to the floor!

2. Make sure your contact paper is larger than your wood, peel back an inch or so of the sticky-back plastic so that you expose some of the sticky side, line it up and stick this bit down to the short edge. 

3. I found it easiest to have the role curled up in on itself, and just slowly released a bit at a time before adding pressure to avoid any bubbles, and it was surprisingly easy! 

4. Once you’ve covered the whole sheet, cut the remaining roll off.

5. Now you need to tuck the loose edges under; I made cuts at the corners so that I could just wrap it underneath without any bulging. 

If you want to, you could always cover both sides in different patterns and make a reversible board, though this would require a little more neatness when finishing off the edges!



  1. August 30, 2017 / 6:33 pm

    Ahh, this came at the perfect time! I’m on my way to some craft stores this evening to get different patterns for flat lays! I like the idea of a reversible board. As much as I love (LOVE!) marble, I want to be able to change it up sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing your process, Beth! 🙂 x

    Kaiya //

    • Beth Sandland
      August 30, 2017 / 8:41 pm

      My plan was to make it reversible! I just haven’t got round to it yet! X

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