Giving The Gift of Time This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is now less than a week away and yesterday I spent a long time trying to put the finishing touches on my gift guide. Something just wasn’t gelling. It’s not that it didn’t look right, but rather that it didn’t feel right; Mother’s Day, like so many other ‘Day’s’, is at risk of becoming so wrapped up in consumerism, in inflated set menus and Hallmark novelties, that it becomes diminished of any real meaning.

The purpose of Mothering Sunday is to stop and recognise the immenseness of the woman who brought you into this world; to celebrate her courage, her strength, her love and kindness. I once read a quote that said “women are not only half the population, they are mothers to the other half too”. Tokens of appreciation are lovely, but nothing is worth more than our time. I asked some of my readers to share with me their favourite memory of time spent with their Mum, or from their time as a mum.

This post is for all the Mama’s out there; new ones, experienced ones and lost ones.

“As the eldest of four children life could sometimes feel a little crowded, so I always cherished one to one time with my Mum, and still crave it now. When I was younger we used to have movie nights and she’d put food colouring into lemonade to make exotic looking ‘cocktails’. I remember when my hamster died when I was about 7 or 8 and she climbed up into my bunk bed to cuddle me (she’s scared of heights and usually didn’t come up). Once we were reading the paper together and there was a man with such a funny face that we both cried with laughter uncontrollably; I cut it out and still have it in my wallet years later!” – Beth @bethsandland


“It has to be licking the bowl or wooden spoon when my mum was cake making…my three all do it too! Holding your baby finally for the first time is indescribable, that overwhelming love and responsibility for another person who you put before anything else. When my three come in and sit at the bottom of the bed on Christmas morning with their stockings making all the late finishes worthwhile!” – Caroline


“My favourite memory is my mum’s dressing gown. It was blue and quilted and smelled of her and she turned it into a cradle and blanket for my doll. I also remember her sat on our brown sofa with carpet that didn’t quite reach the wall and mascara was running down her face, she was watching Roots; I didn’t understand then but I do now – I’m on episode 4 of the new series and it’s brutal. I remember sitting with her on my birthday and holding her hand as the first shot of chemotherapy coursed through her veins, there was nowhere else I would have been. I remember the first time I held each of my 4 babies, the first time they looked into my eyes, their first steps…the first everything.” – Helen


“My mum put her life on hold to be a mum and a dad after my dad died. She sacrificed so much in order to put me first and make sure that I never missed out on anything. She reminds me every day what it means to be powerful and inspirational. She hasn’t changed the whole world, but she’s changed mine and continues to, to this day.” – Laura @laurahc_


“Hanging off the arm of the chair with my sister hanging off the other arm as my mum frantically knitted dresses for our Carrie dolls. It’s a little memory and there are so many of them, but that one I recall in great detail, the suspense of watching the blue wool and needles as the dresses grew.” – Sarah


“My memories as a 40/50’s child are very different….washing blankets in an old tin bath, then Mum & me would walk barefoot on them, as if squashing grapes! …Stirring the Christmas pudding and making a wish….. ..The moment when my wish came true and she told me she was pregnant so I would have a sibling. ….When I persuaded her, aged 38, to put a swimsuit on for the first time and go on the beach….When I surprised her on her 75th birthday with a party. Millions of memories all rolled into one word…MUM. When I started thinking about this and her, it made me cry.” – Sylvia


“My favourite time of the day spent with Harley is bedtime. We cuddle up and read a story, I read it first and then he reads it back to me. Then I tuck him in with a kiss and cuddle and as I walk away he whispers “I love you Mummy”. It’s those moments that make all the challenging motherhood moments (and there are lots of those!) so worth it. My mum was my rock through my own labour, at one point in the birthing pool the gas and air had gone to my head and I just kept giggling and telling her I loved her! Leaving the hospital with my baby, after a traumatic birth and a 5 night stay, it hit me that I was finally taking my baby boy home when I stepped in the elevator, I was carrying him in his car seat and I was so overwhelmed that I suddenly burst into tears – of relief and joy.” – Jessica


“I was about 5 and walking into school wearing thick woolly tights and a pinafore dress. My tights kept falling down and my mum picked me up by the waist band and lifted me right off the ground and we still laugh about it to this day! I remember being tucked into bed at night with a story and she would play with my hair until I fell asleep.” – Hannah


“My mum comes to sit on my bed every night before we both go to sleep. We end up having the best chats that go on for hours!” – Megan @meganball77


“I took my mom to Paris three years ago. It was the most incredible time we ever spent together and I’m looking forward to the day when I can do that with my little girl too.” – Renata @renatahaidlephoto


“The night Charlotte was born, lifeless after a traumatic birth, the registrar was performing CPR on her little body and then she breathed and I held her, and her eyes opened and looked straight into mine, it was like two souls colliding, and suddenly my world was perfect.” – Michelle


“I can’t say a favourite memory because every memory I have with my mum is special, because she’s a part of it. I can talk to her about anything and everything and I do. I’ll never take that for granted. She’s my best friend and my biggest supporter and I love her more than words can say.” – Charlotte @charlotte_pickles


“My daughter is coming to stay with me this Thursday. She’s 16 and I haven’t seen her for 2 years due to ridiculous visa complications. She’s staying for two weeks and I’ve been planning her visit; I’m hoping to take her to all my favourite places in London and spend time doing girly things. We’re going to go shopping for her prom dress and make matching accessories for it too. I can’t wait!” – Nora @jarsinbloom


“On a spa weekend with my mum we got to talk constantly one to one and just relax together.” – Nina @ninafashionblur


“My mum would invent stories about a lion king. When I struggled with going to school aged 7 or 8 she gave me a mini lion king and told me I was like a lion too and should keep him in my pocket as a reminder of how strong I am. For every day that I bravely went into school she would give me a hand-drawn token with a heart or a flower on and after a few I could redeem them for nice things, like the Barbie who’s hair you could style.” – Taty


“One of my favourite things about Mama is her smell. Whenever my blankie was in the wash, or mum was away, I would cuddle one of her scarves and the smell would make everything better. She makes me laugh more than anyone, one she leaned over the dog gate and it collapsed, the whole family couldn’t stop laughing – we were all in tears! Only she would manage that!” – Carys 


This post was sponsored by Henry London. All views are my own and all sourced quotes are cited to the original author.


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