Knowing When to Press Pause on a Busy Life



It’s important to make time to look after yourself whatever stage of life you’re at, but when you’re incredibly busy and there are a hundred and one things demanding your attention at once it can be really difficult to remember to just stop and take a breather.

Usually I’m quite good at scheduling in ‘me’ time (often in the form of a nap or a bath!) but recently I’ve found myself busier than ever. As my blog is growing I’m finding more and more opportunities flung my way, but it also means that every day is a constant influx of juggling emails, mail, events, write ups and life admin. This is on top of a full time law degree. It’s unbelievably exciting, but also exhausting too.

Today, faced with my never-ending to-do list, a weekend of essays ahead and the release of exam timetables, I had a little freak out. It’s not a big deal; we all need one now and then and I think I was due a good stressing out session (earlier in the week I had yelled at my hair straighteners for not heating up fast enough, so that says it all really). I text one of my best friends (who probably deserves to invoice me as my therapist too) and vented. She’s currently bed bound by a hip condition and I was really pleased to hear that she’s finally giving her body the rest it deserves. She asked why I wasn’t giving my mind the same chance? Point taken.

So I made a deal with myself; come 6pm this evening would be ‘me’ time. I remembered that I had a spa voucher that I’ve been saving since October for when I really, really needed it and thankfully they had some last minute availability, so I booked in a massage and the thought of having all my tensions melted away in an oily state of bliss gave me the push I kneaded (hehe) to get through the afternoon.

As for the rest of the evening? I plan on lighting the candle, drinking the prosecco and devouring the chocolates that I was saving for best (you don’t need a special occasion to look after yourself) in front of Call The Midwife on Netflix (because babies). Nobody, I repeat nobody, has time to fanny about spirallising limp vegetables on a Friday night, so instead I’ll be Deliverooing truffle cheese fries and a big fat burger from GBK. 

There is absolutely no way you can give anybody 100% when you’re not feeling it yourself,  so take this as your Friday evening reminder to switch off and take a breather now and then. Prosecco obligatory.


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