Organising My Life with a Hello Day Planner


I adore anything that makes me feel more organised than I actually am. In fact, I think feeling organised is actually a major player in being organised. So in that respect, the Hello Day Planner is my perfect product; it’s pretty, it’s well designed, it’s highly functional and it contains lots of quirky touches that other diaries overlook. 



There’s no need for me to wax lyrical about the gorgeous front cover or over-sized gold ring binding as you can all see for yourselves how attractive it is, so I’m going to jump straight in and share with you my favourite features;

1. Monthly Goal Planning


At the beginning of each month there are a few pages dedicated to mapping out the days ahead of you including space to set out your goals, your budget and your weekly tasks. Perhaps most importantly there is then a space to reflect at the end of the month which I feel will positively impact the next months planning.

In addition to these features there is also plenty of space for notes and a clear calendar view of the whole month across a double-spread, which means you can clearly see what you’re doing over the coming weeks at a glance.

2. ‘To Do’ Lists


 I am an absolute list addict. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing something off, so much so that I usually add something I’ve already done, just so I get to feel like I’ve succeeded before the day has even really began! This is somewhere that most diaries often fall short and as a result my lists are usually in random notebooks or on scraps of paper, so I’m so grateful for this whole dedicated space!

3. Focus Upon Wellbeing


In reality, the Hello Day Planner is less of a diary and more of a holistic life companion. Each day contains a philosophical and often up-lifitng quote and asks you to record something you’re grateful for; if you read my post regarding things you can do to feel happier and improve your luck, keeping a gratitude journal was one of them, so this is a brilliant feature.

Furthermore there is a really simple set of circles for you to tick off that record your water in take (I’m now desperate to have 8 glasses a day so that I can colour my circles in!), whether you partook in exercise and whether you took the time to pray or meditate.

Throughout the planner there are full page, beautifully hand-drawn quotes by Too Wordy which are designed so that you can remove and frame them. Each day also has a space for birthdays and to record a ’10 Minute Accomplishment’; whether you sorted out the fridge, ironed your shirts or finally went to the bank.

This is all in addition to the expected space for recording appointments and commitments. The planner is bursting with positivity!

It’s incredibly clear that the Hello Day Planner was a real labour of love by the brains behind the product, Kirsten, who is a self-confessed organisation addict. It’s exceedingly obvious as you get to grips with your own planner that it is a curation of ideas spanning years and years of planning, journalling, diaries and organisation techniques and as a result it is incredibly functional and user friendly, which is something that other ‘pretty planners’ often fail to achieve.

I have only one single critique and that is the lack of some sort of bookmark to easily find the page you’re on, however I’ve heard from Kirsten herself that this is something she’s working on including in the next edition, in a way that is equally as chic and as sophisticated as the planner itself. In the meantime, you could easily mark your page with a pretty ribbon or paper-clip, so this is a bit of a non-issue.

The Planner costs £46.00 and comes in two beautiful designs – the Carrara (my lovely white marble one) and the Smudge, which is a pretty monochrome pattern and is currently on sale at £36.80. I can see how for some this may seem like rather a lot to spend on a diary, but the reality is that what the Hello Day Planner does goes so far beyond the realms of something you could pick up for a fiver in a stationary store and is worth every penny. Divided across a year, owning one of these bad boys works out at literally 12p a day and in return you get your own, beautiful Personal Assistant, who not only reminds you of all the tasks floating around your brain, but to look after yourself too.

The planners come delivered in a gorgeous box which you will not want to throw away! I’m going to use mine to store cards and letters that I want to keep in, but it could come in handy for so many reasons and look lovely on your desk top.

It doesn’t matter that 2017 has already started, it’s definitely not too late to get your hands on a Hello Day Planner. I always say that January is a terrible time for resolutions and organisation anyway; it’s cold, it’s dark, Christmas is an entire year away and we’re all still feeling a little hungover and a little podgy.

February is the new January; get your Hello Day Planner and be #fashionablyorganised! 

The planner was received with compliments from Hello Day. All views are my own.


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