A Beauty Safari Around Seven Dials


Seven Dials, London, Covent Garden

Seven Dials, Beauty Safari, Tredwells St Martins Lane

This post is in association with Seven Dials, London. All views and imagery are my own.


I’ve always wanted to go on a safari, so when Seven Dials asked me to don my explorer hat, grab my binoculars and scout out the best beauty hot spots that the London district has to offer I gallantly accepted. I may not have spotted an elephant or a giraffe, but I did get a killer blow dry, discover the boujiest nail bar in the West End, watch in awe as a make up artist gave me actual real life cheek bones and uncovered a place where you can get free beauty treatments in this bank-busting city. All in a day’s work my friends, all in a day’s work.

As far as jobs go, gallivanting around Seven Dials being pampered at each stop, like some sort of Queer Eye scavenger hunt, with an obligatory rose break in the middle was a pretty cushy one.


Here’s what we got up to:


11:00: Started the day with a peppermint tea at Boki on Earlham Street. Later regretted not ordering a double shot espresso. Made mental note to head back to Boki one evening because their bar is 10/10 bouji millennial heaven.


11:30: Popped into Fresh on Monmouth Street to test out their complimentary treatments. Yes, you read that right. Complimentary. I started with a spot of Brown Sugar Scrub hand threapy. I’m about to admit something really weird: I hate the feel of my own hands. They’re quite dry and lined and they just freak me out a bit. Whilst they couldn’t do anything about my toe-thumbs, I was left in total awe that the silky, smooth paws at the end of my sleeves did in fact belong to me. A genuine miracle. The Lip Scrub had me recounting my love of eating play dough as a child (number 32 on the list of things I should never own up to in public) as I struggled not to lick off all the lovely sugary substance. The vain Instagrammer in me turned down an express facial because I knew I had to be photographed for the rest of the day. Can we just take a second though:

Somewhere exists in London where you can get a free half hour facial.

Lace your boots and hot foot it down to Monmouth Street because that is one hell of an offer. They very kindly sent me on my way with a few products and I have not stopped using the Soy Cleanser since, so if you can only buy one item, make it that. Oh, also, wear nice shoes. The shop is decked out with v instagrammable tiles.


Fresh Beauty, Fresh Sugar Scrub, Seven Dials, Fresh Rose Face Cream

Fresh Beauty, Fresh Sugar Scrub, Seven Dials


12:15: Pit stop at Tredwells on St. Martin’s Lane. How did I not know this place exists? The interiors are swoonworthy, there are white linen tablecloths (22 going on 82…) and we sip on a chilled glass (two. it was two) of rose whilst we peruse the menu. I could get used to this. Buratta, fritto spring onion – love a good vegetable if it’s deep fried – duck, avocado and the sexiest truffle mac n’ cheese are exactly what the doctor ordered.


Seven Dials, Beauty Safari, Tredwells St Martins Lane

Seven Dials, Beauty Safari, Tredwells St Martins Lane

Seven Dials, Beauty Safari, Tredwells St Martins Lane


13:30: We swing by Sassoon on Earlham Street for an afternoon hair pick me up. If I was filthy rich I reckon my one major indulgence (other than four French Bulldogs, winters in the Caribbean and a wine cellar…) would be someone to wash my hair for me. I leave with a bouncy blow-dry and despite my best efforts to watch and learn, I’m still none the wiser how it was achieved. I can only assume that hairdressers possess magic powers that us mere mortals are incapable of.


14:30: My hair may be looking swish, but a day in the smoggy city sunshine and a lunch time vino has not done anything for my face. Thankfully, Bare Minerals pro-MUA is ready and waiting to make me look like a new person. I’m a big fan of Bare Minerals products and so was extra excited to try out some of the new ones and watch in awe as I miraculously grew cheek bones. The end look was very editorial and I definitely didn’t invite the lovely woman to move in with me or anything…


Bare Minerals make over, Bare Minerals, Seven Dials, London


15:30: The final stop of the day is The Nail Club on Neal Street. It’s in the basement of the Skinny Dip store and if you’re into millennial pink then this is the place for you. Even the loo features a flower adorned mirror worthy of a selfie or five. Their gel colour choice is impressive and I don’t know if it was the wine at lunch or the bold surroundings, but I branched out and went for a different shade to my usual nude. Wild. 


The Nail Club, Skinny Dip Nail Club, best nail bar Covent Garden, Seven dials The Nail Club, Skinny Dip Nail Club, best nail bar Covent Garden, Seven dials

The Nail Club, Skinny Dip Nail Club, best nail bar Covent Garden, Seven dials

So there you have it, it is in fact very much possible to be pampered from head to toe without walking more than a few feet at a time and I really would recommend giving Fresh a bell and popping in to make the most of those glorious complimentary treatments. I can’t promise you won’t leave having eaten half the products or with a bag weighed down by a jar of Sugar Scrub. 




  1. Heather
    July 3, 2018 / 3:25 pm

    This sounds like absolute bliss! Its nice to get a good pamper in different places which are so close to each other.

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

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