Sudio Sweden Regent Wireless Headphone Review (+ Discount Code!)



Sudio Sweden are the makers of affordable headphones and earphones that do not compromise in sound quality, and deliver big time on style; they are the headphone for the commuter, fed up of train-tangles; for the gym-goer; sick of ripping the cable out with each squat; for the movie watcher, bored of being literally attached to the laptop; they are the product for anyone who loves music, hates hassle and wants to maintain an element of style and sass in the process. 

In my earlier review of the VASA BLÅ in ear wireless earphones by Sudio, I described my surprise at how much I fell head over heels for the wireless element. I didn’t realise just how annoying a cord can be until it wasn’t there anymore, and this unshackling has genuinely led to a massive increase in the usage of my iPod because it’s just so easy to switch on, rock out, and then tuck them away again. 


Perhaps the most important thing to make clear is that the Sudio Sweden Regent are absolutely not all style and no substance. Oh, there is substance aplenty! The sound quality really shines through and the 50mm dynamic speaker, which delivers at a frequency between 18Hz and 22kHz emit a warm and wholesome sound; there is not a tinny note to be found, even in heavily multi-instrumented tracks. 

The quality easily matches that of competitors retailing at double the price and far exceeds that of Dr Dr Beats


The headphones weigh a mere 177g meaning that they are neither a burden in your bag, nor on your head. The connecting strap across the top of the head is made of supple leather, well padded and easily adjusted so they sit comfortably for hours at a time and better still, they are snug enough that even during the most vigorous of gym sessions they stay exactly where you put them. The actual over ear can is large enough that my [admittedly small] ears sit comfortably within them without getting crushed; I actually sold my Beats for this reason as they left me with pressure headaches after too long, so I am very pleased that Sudio seem to have invested a lot of time in perfecting the comfort element.


There’s little need for me to wax lyrical about how gorgeous the Sudio Regents are, you can all see that for yourselves. What you may not have realised though is that they are also customisable! One of my favourite features is the ability to match my headphones to my outfit with the easily replaceable caps; I can switch between a classy white marble look and a funky blue palm print in literally seconds. At a time when style and aesthetic is at the forefront of our minds when considering where to invest our hard earned money, the Regents don’t hold back.

The overall appearance is a happy medium between a sleek and contemporary design – white leather, minimalist buttons, gold features – and an almost retro ‘cans’ feel. Rather than sticking out like a sore thumb, Sudio headphones blend in to and compliment your look; this is something I experienced with the VASA BLÅ and I’m thrilled that their [altogether much larger] Regent sister has encompassed the same air of subtly combined with style. 


The earphones are very easily connected to your device using a 4.1 compatible Bluetooth connection; set up is quick and easy and a quick guide in the box means that you’re raring to go almost straight away. If you do want the option of connecting to an aux wire, then a standard headphone jack is also nestled on the side of the headphones for your convenience. Once the initial Bluetooth set up is complete, they connect as soon as they are turned on within range of your device, which is brilliant when you’re on the go; I now switch them on and off without even looking.

They are charged using a provided micro-USB cable, however like the VASA BLÅ, I am thrilled to report that the battery life is simply outstanding. I’ve been using my headphones now for around three weeks and I am yet to have even taken the charger out of the box.

There is minimal to no sound leakage, even when used at a high volume, which is fantastic because it means that even on a packed train you’re not going to be irritating the person next to you. Furthermore, they are truly noise-isolating; perfect for getting some work done in a noisy cafe or blocking out the world.

They fold up snuggly and weigh very little so are easily portable, however I would really have liked to see a carry case included. The VASA BLÅ come with a gorgeous leather pouch and I had expected something similar to have been designed for the Regent, so was a little disappointed at the lack of one; I fear that the light leather may discolour or bits may get in the speaker in the depths of the bottom of my Mary Poppins bag, so I have got myself a pouch to keep them in – find it here – though would have definitely preferred a lovely looking Sudio one! 

The Sudio Regents currently retail at £119 – which is fantastic value for the quality – and you can currently get your hands on a FREE marble phone case and gift wrap; perfect for Valentine’s Day! 

Use code ‘happylittlelondon’ for 15% off your ENTIRE purchase.



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