Sudio Sweden VASA BLÅ Wireless Earphones Review (+ Discount Code!)


When Sudio Sweden asked if I’d like to test out their gorgeous VASA BLÅ wireless headphones I was intrigued, if a little skeptical. I’ve always been a bit old school where it comes to listening to music, still preferring to carry around my iPod Classic rather than using my phone. However, since spending a month or so putting the VASA BLÅ through their test I’ve become a total convert!



It’s indisputable that these earphones are stunning; the design is sleek and minimalistic and the rose gold detailing is completely on trend. They feel high quality and touches such as the genuine leather storage pouch make them stand out above competitors. However, the real question is one of sound quality, and I can honestly say that the VASA BLÅ are second to none. I’ve owned Beats, which I wasn’t a massive fan of, and I currently own a pair of Bose earphones too, and I cannot tell the difference between the two. The 10.2mm dynamic drivers are very well tuned and the gentle bass allows the treble to shine through; multi-instrumented tracks are crisp and clear and you don’t need the volume too high either to really make the most of your music.

As for the wireless element; it’s a game changer. I never realised how annoying the wire could be until it wasn’t there anymore. Remember the days of tucking it down your shirt, only to turn too quickly and yank the cable from your iPod? Gone. The bluetooth range is an impressive ten metres; you can watch a movie or listen to something on your laptop and get up and go and get something from across the room without having to pause and unplug.

Not only are they a commuters dream but they’re also perfect for the gym. I’ve now used them for a cardio session, weight lifting and yoga and I haven’t once accidentally dislodged or pulled them out. I also no longer have to keep my music device awkwardly on my lap or in my pocket when I work out; it can sit next to me out the way, uninhibited by a cable.

Functional features such as a three button control for changing the song and volume as well as a microphone enabling hands free calling further cements these headphones as standing amongst the best rivals in the market. I tried them out for a hands free call the other day and was so impressed that even walking down the Strand at rush hour I could hear and be heard perfectly.

It’s not often you find a tech product so super stylish that the quality element hasn’t been compromised somewhere along the lines, but Sudio Sweden have really hit the mark with this design. They’re comfortable, practical and gorgeous. They come in a range of colours; rose gold black, blue and pink as well as the white that I chose and they come with a variety if different sized earbuds so they’re guaranteed to fit everyone. I’ve used them multiple times now through several trips to the gym, to watch lectures and listen to music on my laptop and even on a trip abroad and I haven’t once had to charge them either! The specs say 8 hours active use and 10 days on standby mode, however I honestly think this is perhaps an underestimation. When they do finally die, I’m very happy with the charge time of only 2 hours to full. 

At just £70 the VASA BLÅ offer an incredibly good sound quality to money ratio, and that is without even taking the stylish design on board. In a market dominated by sporty looking models, they’re a welcome addition which are not only great for sports but also a really fashionable lifestyle product. 

Get yours here and use code ‘happylittlelondon’ for a massive 15% off! 

Sudio have also recently released the Regents, a pair of onear wireless headphones which have incredible sound quality and are super stylish and customisable!

I received this product with compliments from Sudio Sweden. All views and imagery are my own.


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