The Best Blog Posts I Read in October


As well as writing my own blog posts, I spend a lot of time reading other peoples. I think it’s a really important part of blogging and I’d hate to think that anyone expects people to read and engage with theirs, without doing the same for others. Besides, there is some BOMB content out there! I’ve got my favourites that I revisit time and time again but I also often discover new bloggers or interesting topics on Twitter, and this month I decided to save the best ones I’ve stumbled across. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have and continue to spread the love!


Lareese Craig: 5 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging So Far

I first came across Lareese when I put out a request on Twitter for people to tag their favourite Instagram captioners and instantly fell in love with her witty personality, wicked sense of humour and mutual love of all things TMI. I didn’t realise at first that she blogged too so when I saw this post on her stories I basically did a little wee. Sure enough, it’s as eloquent and as hilarious as her captions only LONGER and therefore BETTER. I could probably read 1000 words on Magnolia wall paint for Lareese and still enjoy it, but the fact that she’s so on point with the actual content of her pieces just makes it all the more to shout about.


Instagram: @lareesecraig

Twitter: @LareeseCraig




Hannah Gale: How to Banish Internet Negativity from your Life

Find me a blogger that doesn’t adore Hannah. She’s one of the first that I came across when I first started my own blog and I’ve always been inspired by her ability to talk openly and honestly about difficult subjects whilst simultaneously looking like an absolute babe in swishy skirts AND somehow managing to stay relatable along the way. If that isn’t life goals then I don’t know what is! Hannah’s recent post on banishing internet negativity really struck a cord with me. The positives of unfollowing are something I’ve been trying to explain for a while now and when your whole world lives on a little screen in your pocket it can often be easy to become consumed and subsequently a bit drained. Even if you’re not a blogger or avid Instagrammer, it’s well worth a read.


Instagram: @hannahfgale

Twitter: @Hannahfgale



Sophie Milner/Fashion Slave: Struggling with Work Life Balance as an Influencer

You can probably see a trend starting to appear in the posts that I clicked with most this month, and what it tells me is that I probably need a tech free holiday! Sophie talks really honestly about the difficulty of separating ‘real life’ with ‘online life’ and everything in between. I related with pretty much everything she said in this post and I think a lot of my blogger friends will too; it’s often easy to see and to share the glossier side and the reality behind Instagram is a topic that I feel really passionate about. Sophie’s writing is so easy to read and engage with and I found myself nodding along like Churchill (the bull dog, not the Prime Minister), plus her photos are always gorgeous!


Instagram: @sophiemilner_fs

Twitter: @sophiemilner_fs





Rhianna Olivia: Body Image and Learning to Love the Body I Have

I saw Rhianna talking on Twitter about how nervous she felt to post some swimwear shots her boyfriend had taken on holiday and I literally wanted to shake my phone because I just knew she’d not only look fabulous, but encourage other people to feel fabulous in having the confidence to share them. Well, not only did she share them – and yes OF COURSE she looks bloody amazing – but she also wrote a fantastic post that I think will resonate with a lot of readers. It can be so easy to be down on ourselves and wish things were slightly thinner or smoother or a little less wobbly but Rhianna’s reminder that not only are our bodies strong and capable but also a reminder of our experiences – even if that is nomming down an entire bag of Percy Pigs within 0.2 seconds of the train pulling out of Waterloo (guilty!) – that we’ve enjoyed.


Instagram: @rhiannaoliviab

Twitter: @rhiannaoliviab





  1. November 2, 2017 / 10:56 am

    I absolutely adore Hannah and her blog, so I’m not surprised one of her posts made an appearance here! I enjoyed reading Sophie’s post, too, and will have to check the other two out ๐Ÿ™‚

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